Good designs doesn't have to be expensive

Our going rates

Our simple and transparent pricing structure offers the most competitive prices for the high-level of quality designs that we provide. Each design may differ greatly in their complexity, and level of technicality; so it is not feasible for us to offer a flat rate per project. Moreover, we also have to consider other factors including turnaround time in offering a rate for a project. That's why we usually give clients our formal quote after our sales managers receive the project details and take all the related factors into account.

Discounts apply to large projects and long-term commitments. Rush jobs may require additional fees. Recurring projects, are assigned a standard fixed price. Please note that the below prices are estimates only and may change, subject to the project specifics. Below are guides only for pricing reference:

Tour Pages

USD1200+ Includes logo development, main template, header, 1 episode, join page
USD800+ Includes logo development, main template, splash page, join page
USD800+ Tube sites, TGP, Review, Escorts, Dating, Webcam, VOD


USD700+ NATS implementation
USD250+ WordPress integration


USD25 thumb gallery (additional USD1 per thumb generation, link to image)
USD25 movie gallery (additional USD1 per video clip insert, thumb generation)


USD10 static banner
USD15 animated banner
USD50 flash banner
USD149+ peel ads
USD25+ half-page ads
USD35+ full-page ads
Contact for estimates flash presentation


USD1450 main page with flash and 1 template page
USD799+ members area design
USD799+ software integration (NATS,MPA, etc.)

Print and Toons

USD100+ business cards
USD300+ cartoon/mascot
USD600 DVD cover
USD350+ brochure layout (additional USD10 per page typesetting fee)
USD150 flyers (A4 or US Lettersize/half letter size)
USD250 streamers (maximum 10ft x 5ft)
USD350+ billboards (11ft x 6ft or larger)
USD200 posters (18in by 24in)
USD100 Word/Powerpoint templates (additional USD10 per page typesetting fee)
USD80 postcard

We require 50% downpayment of the agreed project cost, and the remaining balance to be paid in full upon completion of project. The studio reserves the right to withhold the finalised designs and source files should payment terms not be honoured.

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice. The prices are estimates only for reference. Actual cost may vary from those indicated above.

** For bulk orders, please contact us so we can provide a much detailed price quote.

We do all of our design work in-house

We do all of our designs. We don't pay for a middleman. Why does this matter? So we can give a competitive price free from additional charges. No hidden fees. We tell you the costs upfront with our detailed proposals and design packages.